Community Groups Blog Week of Feb. 25th

Community Groups Blog Week of Feb. 25th


Women's Ministry: Is canceled this week due to Mathetes Summit - Next WED. 7th: 10am session (with childcare) & 7pm session in the Multi purpose room. Contact Connie Platon #954-937- 1743 for more info.



Main Text:  Luke 16:1-13

Discussion Questions :

(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!) 

  • Can someone recap Jesus’ parable for us?

  • Is there anything that is unexpected about Jesus telling this story?

  • What inspires you about the idea of leveraging your life for eternity?

  • Why does having money as a master compete with having God as a master?

  • Jesus is essentially saying, that this life has handed us a “pink slip” so we should cheat this life for the next. What’s your reaction to that concept?

  • We as a church are committed to leveraging more of our lives for the sake of eternity. Here is how we are going to do it. Check out this video clip.


  • What do you think will be the benefit of working through this card for you and your family?
    1. The challenge from Pastor Robey this Sunday was to begin praying as a family over your commitment cards. Today, in addition to our prayer requests, we’re also going to take time to pray for one another to be all in.

    2. This commitment card represents one of the primary ways that we get to be part of God’s eternal mission. How does your role in that mission excite you? 

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