Community Groups Blog- Week of March 4th

Community Groups Blog Week of March 4th


Next Steps Class: Is scheduled for Sunday April 8th at 12noon- For anyone who wants to know more about West Pines. A great resource for who we are as a ministry! 



Main Text:  Luke 21:1-4

Discussion Questions :

(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!) 

  • When you think of "Extravagance" what comes to mind?

  • READ Passage: Luke 21 1-4

  • "She is placing herself in this position, "God, unless You show up I'm not gonna make it." Put yourself in the place of this widow; What is she risking? 

  • What was at the heart of Jesus' astonishment that Luke records in this passage? 

  • How does Jesus' journey mirror that of the Widows offering?   (LEADER: They both gave ALL)

  • How can we leave something behind thats bigger than us, that will have an ETERNAL impact? How does the widow help us see that?

  • What does "generosity" dethrone in our lives? (LEADER: Greed, money, the "next" thing) 

  • "Generosity enthrones God as the One we trust." ... How? Discuss.

* Christian, how can you take steps to live in the extravagance of generosity? (LEADER: Practical steps) 


Take time today/ this week to pray through (with your spouse/ family) and fill out the Commitment card dedicating your prayers, desire & generosity to the Gospel work impacting South Florida! 

Don't forget to post your attendance after group. (click here!)