Community Groups Blog Week of April 29th

Community Groups Blog Week of April 29th


** STUDENT MISSION CAMP:  This summer, from July 30 - August 3rd, middle and high school students will experience a week of growing in their faith and serving our local community, all the while earning up to 100 volunteer hours for their schools!  

** SERVING Opportunities: Guest Services Team, Facilities Team! Email Pastor Frank

Sermon Title: Reclaimed, Part 4 -At Redemption’s Table

Main Text:  Ruth Ch. 2

Discussion Questions :

(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!) 

  • READ Ruth Ch. 2: 14- 23

  • Thinking back, of Israel's history, how did God prepare them to bless other nations (other people)?  See: Gen. 12:2 , 18:18-19, Deut. 10: 18-19

  • What can we gather was Boaz's perspective about God's people?  (LEADER: GOD is a refuge, a protector of them...)

  • What did Ruth learn from Boaz about the God of Isreal? 

  • Naomi declares: That Boaz be blessed of the Lord, whose kindness has been shown to us. Whose kindness is she referring to, Boaz or the Lord? Discuss.   (LEADER: Ultimately it both)

  • What is God's design for the lost, broken, fatherless, widow? How do God's people fit into that plan? How does this apply to YOU? 

  • We all know hurting people - maybe that's you today. The church should be the safest place for the hurting and broken! Are we? How? Reflect and discuss.  

  • How is being a "refuge" displayed in the following 3 areas: Invite, Welcome, and Make Room? (Leader: Those were Pastor Robeys 3 application points). 

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