Community Groups Blog - Week of April 8th

Community Groups Blog Week of April 8th


**Family Dedication Sunday: We will be celebrating Family Dedication on April 29th. If you are interested in dedicating your family, you will want to attend the class on April 22nd at 9am in the Multipurpose Room.

** SERVING Opportunities: Guest Services Team, Facilities Team! Email Pastor Frank

**This Community Group Qtr. is 9 weeks  -  ending for summer break on June 9th !

(LEADER: ENCOURAGE YOUR PEOPLE - stay engaged this is going to be a great season of study and encouragement for us all!!)

Sermon Title: Reclaimed, Part 1

Main Text:  Ruth Ch. 1

Discussion Questions :

(Please feel free to modify questions to accommodate your specific group!) 

  • We like when things are redeemed.  For example, there are TV networks focused on just this.  HGTV has the following programs that demonstrate this fact:  Fixer Upper, Home Town, and Property Brothers.  What is the appeal?  Is this true in a spiritual sense too?  

  • With the loss of her husband and sons what was Naomi’s spiritual attitude toward God? Read verses 13 and 20-21

  • In staying with Naomi, Ruth shifts her allegiance to God. What does that do for each of the women?

  • As you read the passage its clear that Naomi thinks her story is over (life is done!) ... but how has it just really started? Have you ever felt like this? (LEADER: Reflect on what God has done to bring beauty from ashes.)

  • How does the "hope" restored to Naomi give us confidence in a good God who will do the same for us?

  • How do we identify, in our own story, what Naomi ultimately finds out .... that God is both creator and " reclaimer"? 

  • Is God just and punishes? (LEADER: ABSOLUTELY Yes, but for Christians, Jesus received all of our punishment for our sins past, present, and future! This is the GOSPEL!

  • When the difficulties arrive, when we are shaken, many feel that God is punishing them. Why is that a wrong view of God? Explain the difference between punishment and discipline?

* Punishment?  (LEADER: It is focused on payment for something we did wrong in the past.

* Discipline? (LEADER: It is focused on correcting/improving us for the future.)

  • READ: James 1: 2-4 ..... According to James, how are we supposed to respond to difficulties in life?  

  • Why is the safest place to be (and uncomfortable place to be)  ... in God's hands? 

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