Community Group - Summer Break

Summer Series:  Hello Summer

Group Leaders,

Hey, this past Sunday we kicked off our new summer series called "Hello Summer": A Fresh look at the Fruit of the Spirit! It was great to see all of the engaged hearts and the many people impacted by God's Word. The series began with the first fruit that Paul listed in the list of 9 virtues, "Love." Below are some thoughts, questions and reflections for any of you who would like to dive a bit deeper in the Galatians 5 and John ch. 15 passages we covered on Sunday. 

It was also an honor to celebrate the greatest act of love in history together, the Lords Supper.

Main Text:  Gal. 5: 22-13 , John 15: 12-17

Reflection / Discussion :

  • READ Gal. 5: 22-13 , John 15: 12-17

  • Reflect on the worlds (Cultures) use of the word "Love." Is it self-less, sacrificial ? Does preference for the other person characterize this kind of love? 

  • How do see "Love?" In your relationships, in relation to things of the world? 

  • In a relationship (marriage, family friend) defined by this kind of love ... how secure, how at peace would you feel? 

  • Reflection: 

AGAPE Love is defined as - a love of preference. An "others- centered" kind of love. Jesus is our example/ model of this kind of love (Rom. 5:8). Read through John 15: 12-17 and recognize how Jesus unveils this AGAPE love to His audience. In this passage Jesus tells us what this Love looks like: 

* Agape "love" is commanded (verse 12)

* Agape "Love" is costly (verse 13) 

* Agape "love" is customary (verse 17) 

This is one of the character traits that reflect the nature and disposition of God. This is what the Holy Spirit grows in the people of God. What does it mean to live like this, treat people this way? What does it look like? What would you do differently? It shouldn't be all that difficult, right??

Well, there are 8 virtues left to discuss! Each one is potent and perfectly depicted in the life and ministry of Jesus! Be sure to use this same frame work to discuss and reflect upon each character trait that the Holy Spirit is working in you. 

You Are Loved, 

Pastor Frank