We are all in!


Over the last several years we have seen God choose to put His hand on our church time and time again. He is choosing to use us, not simply to become a large church, but to see South Florida transformed in our generation. He’s blessed our church beyond what anyone of us imagined or even expected.

Over the years He’s taken us through different seasons of stretching us and teaching us what it means to be a Mathetes. In the past He has stretched us over unity and putting the church before ourselves. There was a season where he taught us to have broken hearts for the needy in our community. He taught us about foster care...and champions for Foster Care rose up in our church. There have been seasons where He’s taught us what it looks like to reach the globe and He lit us on fire for places like Haiti, Guatemala, Burkina Faso and Compassion children. Now, in this season, here is where He is stretching us as Mathetes: the area of generosity.

If we are going to see South Florida transformed by the message of Jesus, it’s going to start with you and me. We have been placed in one of the most strategic places in South Florida and I fervently believe that if we can impact South Florida, we can change the world.

-Pastor Robey

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 The Strategy:

  1. Expand our Kids Ministry space: remove the limits on how many kids and students we can reach in our current location.

  2. Launch a second campus: drop a second, strategic campus in South Florida to continue impacting our region.

  3. Build a new hub location - create a new, central location to resource our efforts in South Florida.

You can still join us.

You can still join the Extravagant Initiative to see South Florida transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our generation. Join us in person to learn about the ways you can take an active role in sharing the Gospel in our neighborhood. And you can partner with us financially to fund the vision and mission of West Pines by using the links below.