Community Groups


Life is best experienced with others! In groups we get together to talk about specific topics and grow in all different areas of life. We’ve got lots of different groups for you to check out.

+What type of groups are there?

We have several different kinds of groups that cover a variety of topics. Everything from financial growth and health to parenting help to general life conversations based on the sermon from Sunday. Here is a list of the types of groups you can find at West Pines:

  • Community Groups: Conversations based on the Sunday sermon and how we can work it out in our different situations.

  • Marriage Groups: - focused content designed to help you and your spouse grow in your marriage and enjoy all that God intended for your relationship.

  • Parenting Groups: No matter where you are in your parenting journey, these groups look at studies designed to help us grow as parents. They also serve as a great support network!

  • Financial Peace University Groups: Financial freedom, reducing debt, how to do a budget, and how to plan for the future! These groups go through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University video teaching to grow in how we handle our finances. Materials Kits are available for $100 per family.

  • Basics Groups: Designed to outline the basics of a relationship with Jesus and how to get the most out of it! These groups are great if you recently put your faith in Jesus, if you have lots of questions, or if you’d just like a refresher of how to read the Bible, how to pray, and how to enjoy the freedom of a relationship with Jesus.

  • Mathetes Groups: Our membership at West Pines is called Mathetes - which is the Greek word Jesus used to describe his followers. These groups outline what it means to be a Mathetes as West Pines and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and become a Mathetes.

  • Men’s Groups: Creates an opportunity to look specifically at what the Bible says about being a man and how we interact with the ups and downs of life.

  • Women’s Groups: Creates an opportunity to look specifically at what the Bible says about being a woman and how we interact with the ups and downs of life.

+What do you do in a group?

We meet on a weekly basis for 6-9 weeks to talk. During those meetings, depending on the kind of group, we either watch video content or just dive into the content and have a targeted discussion. Of course, we usually have something small to eat, maybe some coffee, and love building relationships too!

+Where do groups meet?

Most groups will meet in various homes throughout the area. Others will meet at the Church facility.

+Do I have to know about the Bible before I attend?

Not at all. All of our groups are filled with people at all different stages of their spiritual journey. You can feel comfortable to come just as you are. But bring your questions - they’re always welcome.

+Is childcare provided in every Community Group?

Children are very important to us at West Pines. However, not every home is able to facilitate childcare during the group time. Check with the group leader and they will let you know if they have childcare available. You may also call the church office and we will help you find a group that will work best for you.


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Women'S gROUPS


We have groups designed to connect the women of West Pines to each other and to other women in the community.  Our goal is to be a safe place where real women can get together and share the ups and downs of the journey they are on in a loving, supportive, and encouraging environment, all while learning, growing and challenging each other.