Mathetes is a Greek word that describes a person who follows a rabbi, teacher or philosopher very closely.  To be a Mathetes of Jesus is an all or nothing situation. 



A MATHETES has been RESCUED. The more we study the teachings of Jesus, the more it becomes apparent that He did not merely intend to leave behind morals and a better way to live. He was on a rescue mission. We have sinned against a Holy God, to whom we owe obedience and worship. But God loves us so much that He sent Jesus, His beloved Son, to die in our place, taking our punishment.



A MATHETES is AWESTRUCK. As we follow Jesus, we begin to understand better who God is. We realize Who it is that we are dealing with, and that unavoidably stirs up an awe for the awesome, almighty God. Whenever the Bible talks about a human being who is in the presence of God, the reaction is usually one of paralyzing fear at the enormity of God’s glory. 



A MATHETES is MOBILIZED. Before Jesus went to heaven, His final words to His mathetes, were “Go make mathetes of all nations…” Jesus made mathetes and if we are following Him, it is only natural that we too will go through the world making mathetes. A mathetes knows the main purpose that we are still on this planet is to spread the truth about Jesus, wherever He has placed us.