Be Mobilized

A big piece to being a part of West Pines is being Mobilized - being sent out into the world to share the love of Jesus. We do this locally as well as internationally.

Haiti, March 8-11, 2019, Adult Trip

Puerto Rico, June 8-14, 2019, Student Trip

Haiti, November 1-4, 2019, Adult Trip

South Florida, Spring 2019, Family Trip

The purpose of our missions and outreach efforts are to be a part of strategic, sustainable, and gospel-centered changes. Our vision is that every person who calls West Pines home would have a role in local or international missions, whether that role is financial support, prayer, volunteering, donations, or serving with a missions team. Many places in scripture call us to care for those in need (Jeremiah 29:7 and Matthew 25:31-46) and those in need of hearing the gospel (Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8).


Love SFL

#LoveSFL is a month-long outreach initiative that we encourage our church family to SERVE our communities. We’ve coordinated several serving opportunities listed with sign up opportunities below. Please prayerfully consider each opportunity and join West Pines, and all of the Church United partners seeking to display the love of God throughout South Florida.

November 17: Children’s Harbor

This team will SERVE the Children's Harbor homes and facilities by installing plastic edging borders around the mulch garden beds on Saturday, November 17, 9AM-11AM. Sign up and find additional information HERE.

November 17: FriendsGiving

This team will PREPARE and SHARE a meal with the kids and staff at Children's Harbor from 1230PM-330PM, Saturday, November 17.  Sign up HERE to indicate which items you can prepare and join the team.

November 18: Alexander Nininger State Veterans Nursing Home

This team will SERVE ice cream and VISIT with the Veterans residing at the Alexander Nininger State Veterans Nursing Home, Sunday, November 18, 2PM-3PM. Sign up and find additional details (This event has reached max capacity).