meet the pilot campus

Our mission as a church is to see South Florida transformed by The Gospel in our generation! The Pilot Campus is our first step to setting up and working out the resources we need to go multi-site and launch a second campus in this region.


Together and by God’s provision…

We’ve been able to foster a warm and intimate worship environment where people connect on a personal level with those around them. We’ve been able to work out the kinks of video teaching so that the transition is smooth and allows for people to connect to the teaching as well. Committed leaders and constant support have contributed to our new campus that several people and families are calling home while we prepare for what’s to come!

I felt like God was calling me to be a part of the Pilot Campus. I love the worship time in there when we sing. We can worship God wherever we are so in the auditorium or the Pilot campus it doesn't matter. The Holy Spirit is everywhere.

— Sandra Souza

I love that I can see everyone from anywhere I sit in the room. I know everyone who's there and it feels so intimate. I love that it projects hope and promise into the future for a new church, new opportunities for people to meet Jesus and be saved!

— Alexis Garcia

I serve as a greeter in the Pilot Campus. I love how cozy it feels in there. It is a unique environment where you can get to know the people around you since it is a smaller setting.

— Victor Diaz



All of these great accomplishments and partnerships were made possible by those who committed to our “extravagant” giving campaign in 2018. Want to learn more about how you can donate or be a part of this great initiative? Click the button below.